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The organizational structure of the company plays a fundamental role in achieving important goals and increasing turnover; a passionate and strong team is thus key to a company’s success. Thanks to our extraordinary professional team, Cantine Neri regularly offers wines and products of exceptional quality.


When in the 1950s the family purchased 42 hectares of land, vines and olive trees where part of the natural beauty. For many years Enrico’s father supplied grapes of renowned quality to other producers. In the mid-2000s Enrico Neri decided to actively get involved in first person in the business and keep part of the crop to produce its own wine.

It was the beginning of what today represents a symbol of Orvieto’s territory: a winery aiming at the concept of quality and exalting the peculiar features of each local variety, existed in the area for millennia.


Our family’s vision is based upon the respect of our land, where olive trees and grapevines has found their ideal habitat to produce excellence. A careful understanding of the soil and climate of the area helps create a unique product, expression of our passion. Taking care of the nature and live in the country in symbiosis with the territory is our daily life. This is the philosophy of those who believe that wine must be the high expression of one unique terroir.


To appreciate Cantine Neri it is important to understand our commitment towards the environment. During the careful restoration of an ancient building, which today is the heart of the winery, extreme attention was given to the recycling of existing materials to keep a low environmental impact. Today all the electrical power required for winemaking is provided by solar panels for minimum carbon emissions.


Enrico Neri’s wine is present within the national and international markets since 2006. This is a family business: the father is in charge of the vineyards care, the son, Enrico, makes the wine in the winery, where a third of the best grapes produced are processed. Theirs is a boutique production of about 50.000 bottles per year mainly based on white and red wine, along with the precious Noble Rot well known worldwide as the best expression of dessert wine.


The vineyards grow at an altitude of 220 to 320 meters above sea level, in an area that enjoys extremely favorable climatic and geographic conditions and assist in a steady and gradual ripening of the grapes. The area is characterized by important temperature swings, with a soil of volcanic origins, rich in clay. These elements contribute to create the ideal habitat for the viticulture practice. The vineyard is composed of 80% white grape varieties, such as Grechetto, Procanico, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier, and the remaining 20% by red grapes, such as Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The approach in the vineyard unfolds between past and present, integrates tradition and research with a continuous attention to the needs of the land.


The grapes are harvested by hand during the coolest part of the day to avoid possible alterations of the varietal aromas. The manual harvest allows a careful selection of the best fruits, immediately brought to the winery in small crates, which protect the delicate berries against damage.


After a meticulous restoration, a 19th-century barn is now transformed into the winery where today Enrico Neri handles the grapes, designed to have a low environmental impact and maximum energy savings. The proximity to the vineyard allows the immediate process of each variety, using temperature controlled tanks to retain the important aromatic background of the grapes.


The winery is equipped with all the essential instruments to guarantee an efficient vinification process. Each variety is kept separately in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The fresh bunches are de-stemmed carefully and passed through a cooling exchanger, regulated according to the temperature required. Some white varieties undertake a cold maceration for a few hours, others are soft pressed to emphasise aromas.

Great attention is dedicated to the phenolic compounds during the maceration of the red grapes. Ancient caves, adjacent to the winery, are the ideal area for some varieties to age in barrels. The natural temperature and humidity levels create a perfect environment for the wine.

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